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For fifteen years, Les Tourisk has been presenting its amazing juggling act throughout the world. Their performances have earned prestigious awards such as the Gold Medal at the IJA, International Juggler’s Association, as well as the Public’s choice Award. Both prizes were won at the same competition that took place in Las Vegas in 1998.

This 8 minute and 30 second act is full of action and intense breathtaking moments as well as nutty sequences which will make you die laughing.




The intrigue begins when Les Tourisk has just committed a big robbery and are looking for a secure place to share their booty; 14 pure silver clubs! You will then witness one of the most spectacular club sharing that will make your evening unforgettable. Each of them with his part of the loot juggles with remarkable complexity. Above all, you must certainly not disturb this Mafia ritual, they are armed with a 12 foot high unicycle and those four gangsters tend to risk everything.



Les Tourisk won the Club du Cirque's price at 19e Festival International de Cirque de Massy...

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