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Technical requirements

• Straight, rigid, dry and clean (please no mat on stage).
• Minimum size:
• 25 feet by 25 feet ( 8 x 8 meters) or 32 feet wide by 20 feet deep (10 x 6 meters).
• Minimum height needed : 16 feet (5 meters).
Lighting :
• The entire surface of the stage must be well lighted.
• The lighting adjustments must be adjusted during the rehearsal.
Use of incendiary material :
The artistic presentation includes juggling with one (1) torch. Therefore, it is essential
that the authorities of the auditorium make sure that the fire detectors will not go off
during the performance as well as during the rehearsal.
Music :
• Soundtrack on CD.
Rehearsals :
• 45 minute rehearsal required with sound equipment and lighting.
• Soundman and light technician must be present during the rehearsal.
Dressing room :
• Dressing room with mirrors (in order to get dressed and to put on make-up).
• A warm-up area available before the show.
P.S. : If ever it would be impossible to fulfill any of the requests stated above,
for example a smaller stage or a lower ceiling, please make sure to notify
us as quickly as possible so we can make the proper adjustments to the
Act duration : 8 min 30 sec.

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